Murdoch Mysteries


A dynamic new drama series set in the 1890s, William Murdoch is a young detective who uses progressive new forensic techniques, such as fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the city's most gruesome murders. 

Murdoch is a man with an almost supernatural instict in solving crimes. Each theory is revealed as an intuitive flash – a visual dramatization of events based on the evidence given. This process evolves as the evidence mounts and the fragments of the crime are gradually pieced together. 

His unconventional approach often elicits ridicule from fellow officers and skepticism from his boss – gruff, no-nonsense Inspector Brackenreid. Brackenreid plays by the rules but often lets Murdoch disobey an order as he's the only one who can crack the case. 

A small circle of confidantes make up Murdoch's team. Beautiful pathologist Julia Ogden, a staunch ally who is also struggling against tradition and prejudice, and shares the detective's fascination with forensic science. She is a forward-thinking, modern woman, who can be blunt and forthright – and together they prove a formidable team. 

George Crabtree is Murdoch's eager but inexperienced right-hand man. He is keen to be just like Murdoch, but lacks education, intelligence and patience. Murdoch admires his loyalty and openness to new ideas, but is frustrated by Crabtree's inability to grasp some of the more elusive scientific concepts. They make a good team, and both Ogden and Crabtree help Murdoch solve his varied cases and negotiate the complex layers of Victorian society. 

Murdoch Mysteries is based on the critically-acclaimed mystery novels by Maureen Jennings. 



Sundays at 9pm



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